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PopDeal Dashboard Introduction

Real estate agents that work with Popdeal can expect to close the referrals they receive from us at a rate that is five times higher than traditional lead providers. That’s a big advantage. The difference in close rate is due to our tested process for working with online referrals.

In this video, we will be sharing a number of important tips on how to be successful with Popdeal. First, introductions are about building a relationship with the client, not about a specific property. So here’s a little quiz: what should you do if a client you’re introduced to is interested in a property which is no longer available? If you answered, who cares, I’ll meet them anyways, then you have answered this question correctly 92% of the referrals that close are on properties that are different than the original inquiry.

So don’t get too focused on a particular building or address. And don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet with a new client that could potentially be a source of business for years to come. For instance, a client looking to rent may change their mind and decide to buy.

A client looking for a $50,000 property may be attracted to something in a different price range if given the right options and guidance. One of our network agents recently turned a $70,000 investment referral into multiple sales worth more than a quarter million dollars. Although this is not the norm, it does happen.

Next, meet clients you are introduced to as soon as possible. Approximately 50% of all sales goes to the first agent that contacts our lead. Since we’re contacting leads at a rapid rate, that gives you a major advantage to be the first agent a client talks to.

Meet your clients as soon as possible. For 90% of the properties that end up closing with Pop deal, the agent met with the client within twelve days of introduction. Be the first agent to meet a client for a cup of coffee or conduct the first viewing.

72% of buyers will work with the first agent they meet face to face, and therefore it’s definitely worth your time and effort to be the first. Last point here if you don’t immediately hear back from a client after your initial conversation, keep trying. Our most successful agents are persistent and try to connect multiple times by phone, email and texts to set up appointments.

Persistence will literally put money in your pocket when it comes to online referrals. Next, the most important thing you can do to be successful with Popdeal is to close. It sounds pretty basic, but our technology rewards agents who move their clients through the pipeline with the ultimate goal of closing a deal.

The more you close, the more quality referrals you will have access to. In additions to performance, we reward engagement. The simplest way to show us you are active is to keep us updated on how you are progressing with the client.

We require a status update on clients at least once a week, or whenever there’s any movement. To make these updates quick, we have created an easy to use interface for managing client interactions and activities. If you forget to update a referral, we will remind you.

But if you forget for too long, we will stop sending you new referrals and may even reassign your existing referrals to a more active agent. It only takes a few seconds, so keep your referrals updated. Our best agents incorporate status updates into their daily routines and make interacting with the platform a habit of theirs.

Just a few final details if for some reason the client is not working out as planned, simply release them back to Popdeal. For example, if you have made multiple attempts to connect with a client over a longer time frame, but the client remain unresponsive, release them. Our team will try to re-engage the client and get them back to you or another agent if that is what the consumer prefers.

Please make sure to leave detailed notes when releasing a client so we can assess the client’s needs accordingly. Remember, you will get more referrals the more transactions you complete with Popdeal, so make sure to let us know of any and all transactions that result from an introduction we have made to you. This includes multiple and repeat transactions.

And finally, please download the app to complete the registration. And welcome to Popdeal. We look forward to many future deals together.

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