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PopDeal Introduction and Set Up

In order to complete the application process. We ask that you watch this short video to better understand what we do and how to be successful with your referrals. So let’s start off with what we do.

Our mission is to make the process of working and converting online leads easier for you as an agent so you can focus on what you do best selling and renting out homes. This program, done effectively, can increase your online conversions up to five times the industry average. How does Popdeal work? Every day we generate and prescreen hundreds of online leads.

Popdeal is one of the biggest lead buyers and generators in the industry. We introduce motivated home buyers and renters to compatible agents in their area. We see these referrals through inquiry to close and provide you with the tools and processes to be successful.

On average, we contact consumers within 1 minute of inquiry, making sure we beat out the competition. 50% of consumers buy from the first person who reaches out to them, so speed to lead is critical. Our process is tested and proven.

Once an individual submits their details online, our Thailand based call center will attempt to make contact immediately. We do this 12 hours per day, seven days per week, combining phone support with our automated qualification software. Detailed user profiles are created.

We collect key information determining a client’s readiness to buy or rent, and their property preferences, such as budget, timeline, location, viewed properties online, and a number of other data points. These are questions you as an agent would historically have had to ask on your own. We give you that time back by prescreening and enhancing the online lead.

Example. This is the consumer, John. Through screening and qualification, John is a potential home buyer looking for a modern two bedroom condo with a budget of around $300,000 within a five minute walking distance to his office.

Our software instantly generates a ranked list of compatible agents. Our algorithm ranks agents based on John’s needs and their past performance. With Popdeal, we then send these agents a notification with John’s basic information attached so they can quickly assess if John is a client they want to claim or skip.

Agents may skip a referral for a variety of reasons, such as availability, property access, or desired location. The higher an agent ranks, the sooner they will be notified about an available client and the more time they will have to claim the lead. Depending on where they fall in the Pop deal, ranking the amount of time to claim a lead will vary.

Our best agents claim referrals within 30 seconds of notification, but in some markets, the competition is even faster. The first agent to claim will receive a notification from Popdeal introducing the client. Claiming a referral means you are ready to make contact with the client immediately.

If you claim a lead but don’t receive confirmation, a higher ranked agent likely claimed the lead first. Don’t be discouraged, we have thousands of new referrals ready to be claimed in the future. We work hard to make sure every referral we send to you closes.

Why is this important to us? Well, this is the big distinction between Popdeal and traditional lead providers. Your success matters to us because we only make money when you close business. It’s truly a win-win partnership.

You don’t have to invest in marketing and buying leads yourself and we only get paid when you do close more business. By choosing referrals which are a good fit for you, we are your lead partner and optimize our software based on your success. We want to know that you can be successful with our referrals and reward agents based on their performance.

Agents who consistently move clients through the pipeline will be given priority access to our referrals. We understand that not everyone who can be successful with Popdeal will have a track record. But there is the option to prove that you can be successful with Popdeal.

Agents with high engagement will be given the option to claim leads first. But if none of the agents claim the referral in a timely manner, the referral will then be shared with agent newcomers who will get their chance to shine. While you could potentially get referrals at any price point, it is important to note that the majority of the referrals you will get initially will be for lower value homes.

That is, until you have a performance track record with Popdeal, after which any agent can gain access to all functionalities of Popdeal and a higher priority in our alert process. So here’s a quick recap of what we’ve just covered. Popdeal qualifies real estate clients and matches them with compatible agents.

Agents are ranked in order of best fit based on performance history with Popdeal and the client’s needs. The higher an agent ranks, the sooner they will be notified of an available client and the more time they will have to claim the lead. Agents compete for the same lead at the same time, so speed to lead is critical.

Popdeal’s process and technology is designed to improve lead conversion. And finally we win when you win, we all want the same thing more closely and our technology is built to make the work of an agent easier and more efficient. This completes the first step of your Popdeal training.

Watch our other presentations on how to be successful on the platform and how to navigate the app.

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