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The PopDeal category acts as an all-encompassing guide and resource hub tailored specifically for Fazwaz real estate agents to navigate and optimize the use of the PopDeal CRM. This section strives to demystify the functionalities and features of PopDeal, aiding agents in leveraging the platform to claim and manage property leads effectively, thereby enhancing the buying and renting processes of properties in Thailand.

PopDeal Dashboard Introduction

Real estate agents that work with Popdeal can expect to close the referrals they receive from us at a rate that is five times higher than traditional lead providers. That’s a big advantage. The difference in close rate is due to our tested process for working with online referrals. In …

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PopDeal Introduction

Let’s take a look at navigating your Popdeal app. Popdeal is the one stop shop for receiving new lead notifications, maximizing your opportunities to receive clients, managing referrals from notification. To close and keep track of your performance, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download or …

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PopDeal Introduction and Set Up

In order to complete the application process. We ask that you watch this short video to better understand what we do and how to be successful with your referrals. So let’s start off with what we do. Our mission is to make the process of working and converting online leads …

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