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The Property Tech Revolution is Here

Greetings from Phuket Property Watch. As those in the business have surmised, technology and property management are a delightful match and have been for some years now. New and impressively-designed Thailand property portals seem to open overnight. As megafirms try to find new ways to improve growth, proptech is evolving to provide interesting and relevant solutions for all sides.

Our first piece today is a Nation Multimedia look at exactly this, with industry power-players weighing in on the issue. Sansiri president Srettha Thavisin describes how the company is betting big on technology, to the tune of THB 500 million per year through 2020. Along with funding overseas startups, Sansiri is looking to offer lifestyle upgrades and add-ons which will simultaneously give customers new experiences while helping the bottom line. High on their list is an idea for a robot to help serve customer needs. While specific details weren’t provided, such a device could upsell clients with food, repairs, deliveries and so on, or these services could be offered free yet exclusively in resorts who have been licensed the technology by Sansiri. An update from Origin Property CEO Peerapong Jaroon-Ek describes plans for a digital butler and enhancements gained from working with artificial intelligence systems. Nuttaphong Kunakornwong, chief executive of SC Asset Corporation wants to create “living solutions”, and SC Asset are doing just so with an investment in a home repairs & renovations startup called Fixzy. The harmoniously-beneficial status between company and client will give the industry fuel to expand for years to come and is inspiring more and more people to start building startups in Thailand and be involved in creating the future.

Our final update is a touched-up press release from Hotel News Resource describing Chattha Group and Phuket branch Chattha Asia‘s new proptech investment in STAAH – a company that tries to help create enterprise-level efficiencies for hotels and resorts. Chattha, a full-service real estate manager for 50+ properties is now relying on two STAAH services to improve their business. First is the Max Channel Manager which allows Chattha to control things like inventory status, daily or special rates, and so on across a multitude of channels. Chattha will also employ STAAH’s Max Booking Engine to make lost, duplicate or other problem bookings a relic of the past for their customers. Freeing up time for employees and managers to work on more pressing client-related issues is the cherry on top of the otherwise improved revenues gained by implementing these measures.

We hope you find above your motivation to build a new experience this week – get to it!

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